Frenchie’s Pressure Washing and Yardwork prepares for spring cleaning

Team gets tough on grime

Spring is finally upon us and there is no better time to get things cleaned up around the house and yard, say Frenchie’s Pressure Washing and Yardwork owners Sarah Wilson and Guy Pouliot.

Sarah and Guy are going into their fifth year of providing pressure washing and yard care services in Powell River and are excited about the coming of spring. As they head into the start of their busy season, they are reminding customers to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

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“As the weather improves and days become longer we get booked up very quickly,” says Sarah.

Frenchie’s specializes in residential and commercial hot and cold pressure washing that can be used in a variety of applications, including cleaning all types of siding and decks, driveways and concrete, boats and RVs, roofs, gutters and heavy equipment and machinery to name a few. They also provide customers with lawn care services and aerating.

The business has four different pressure washers, including two industrial Landa hot water machines and two portable commercial pressure washers. Guy says not all pressure washers are created equal; some are better suited than others for particular jobs.

“Most store-bought pressure washers have high PSI with lower volume and can cause quite a bit of damage in the wrong hands,” says Guy. “Our machines are high volume and with the right combination of attachments, cleaners and water temperature, we can get the job done in a fraction of the time with professional results.”

Wet west coast winters create the perfect conditions for algae, mould and cyanobacteria, which results in an increase of green and black growth on house siding, sheds and greenhouses, says Guy. He explains that the cleaners they use are tough on grime and long-lasting.

“The cleaners we use sanitize the surfaces so they stay cleaner much longer than if they had just been washed with soap and water,” he says. “The cleaners also do half the work and are safe on most surfaces, so we don’t need to use much pressure.”

Guy says this is particularly the case for oily driveways or other concrete surfaces where high-pressure spraying can speed up surface wear.

“We have different attachments for different jobs making it safe for all surfaces, including vinyl siding and wood decks,” says Guy.

One service becoming increasingly popular is roof demossing. Guy explains that they do not pressure wash asphalt shingle roofs, but use a softwash treatment that kills the moss and its rhizome, the root of the plant. It’s a non-invasive treatment with results that can last, on average, for three years.

Frenchie’s is able to bring its own water to the worksite, which will come as good news for customers living in rural areas who rely on well water or have summer water restrictions.

“We have holding tanks with up to 1,800-litre capacity in our big van, which is plenty enough for the average job,” says Guy. “With our tools and equipment, we can perform different types of jobs in a timely manner.

While Guy is busy with pressure washing jobs, Sarah works in local gardens and yards for her regular clients.

She says the company is currently looking to hire an employee.

“We are looking to hire a motivated and responsible individual,” she adds. “We take great pride in our work and customer service and are looking for someone who is the right fit for our business.”

For more information about how Frenchie’s Pressure Washing and Yardwork can help, contact Guy at 604.414.7381, or go to or

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