Powell River contractor offers wide range of earthmoving services

Shaun Gloslee Excavating brings the right people and equipment together for best results

Helping clients overcome drainage, developing and landscaping challenges is one of the best parts of being an excavating contractor in Powell River, says Shaun Gloslee, owner of Shaun Gloslee Excavating. 

Founded in 2008, the locally owned and operated excavation company has been assisting residential, commercial and industrial customers for the past 11 years with the company’s wide range of services and equipment.

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“From landscaping and driveways to drilling, blasting and building logging roads, to commercial and industrial projects of any size, we have the right equipment and people to complete any project from start to finish,” says Shaun, who has more than 25 years of experience in the business.

Shaun grew up in Powell River and has run machines since he was 10 years old helping his father. He worked for Gloslee Trucking on and off for 25 years in addition to working in the forest industry.

He and his team of reliable, courteous and professional employees bring years of know-how to each job and a desire to provide the best in customer service.

“All our employees have 20-plus years of experience,” says Shaun. “Our equipment is reliable and we can get the job done right.” 

Prior to starting the company is 2008, Shaun worked in Toba Inlet for several years in construction and road building. Since then, he has continued to help support local logging contractors open Powell River’s backcountry up to support the local economy, help local businesses prepare construction sites for new builds and then provide the site's landscaping. He also assists developers and landowners clear their land so housing construction can proceed. 

“We help clear and develop land, bring services in, and build logging roads,” says Shaun. “We also can help if someone buys some property and they need it cleared to build on. We can even broker the wood if needed.”  

For residential clients, Shaun Gloslee Excavating is able to excavate foundations for new homes, bring underground services to construction sites, build driveways and move earth to landscape yards, among many other tasks. For already established homes, the excavation company is able to help troubleshoot drainage issues in yards and potential causes of basement flooding, in addition to repairing a home’s perimeter drainage and sewer systems.

“Clients can rest assured we'll always find the most cost-effective, but proper way of solving their problem,” says Shaun. “We are aware of the common problems people generally have and we can offer some ideas of what will work to solve them. You can trust us with your job.”

Shaun provides no-cost quotes and encourages anyone to contact the company to help troubleshoot their drainage or landscaping challenges. 

“We can come by and have a look at the problem for you and see if we can come up with a solution,” he explains, adding that even if the homeowner decides not to go ahead and hire him for the job, he is happy to be able to lend some of his expertise to problem solve.

Shaun says he stands behind his reputation as a fair and honest businessperson. “Reputation is everything,” he adds. 

He says he takes the company’s slogan to heart: Call us, we can help. 

“At the end of the day,” says Shaun, “it's gratifying to see a finished job and know you've helped solve a problem for somebody.” 

For more information about how Shaun Gloslee Excavating can help, go to sgexcavating.com. To book an appointment with Shaun, call 604.414.5455 or email sgloslee@gmail.com.

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