Private location offers alternative to gym in Powell River

Focused fitness plans and welcoming atmosphere set Total Body Training apart

Looking to get in shape this fall, but not interested in being subjected to a noisy, intimidating environment to do so? 

Total Body Training, one of Powell River’s newest places to exercise, provides a private alternative to the crowded gym, one that provides personalized, focused assistance for clients looking to transform themselves and attain their personal best. 

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“At Total Body Training you won’t feel intimidated by being around other people exercising,” says owner Nancy Kreisler. “You have the space and the equipment to yourself. It's completely private.”

Nancy brought her personal training business along when she and her family moved to Powell River two years ago from the Lower Mainland. She is a provincially certified personal trainer and has been helping clients for the past 21 years. 

“I love training, so I really wanted to get this going again,” she says. “I'm very happy here in Powell River. I've got some great clients.”

Nancy’s gym is in her home, which offers cardio equipment for weight loss and free weights for strength training, among a variety of other exercise equipment. Nancy works with men and women and clients of all ages and abilities. 

When it comes to exercise and developing routines of healthy activity, Nancy emphasizes making measured changes and not thinking that spending three hours a day in the gym exercising is going to be sustainable. 

“You won’t be able to maintain it,” she says. “You're going to stop and get discouraged or you're going to get hurt.” 

What's important is setting realistic goals and being patient and doing the work to get fit, she says. 

The one thing Nancy doesn't want people to do when they are training is to get hurt, she adds. 

“I want to see people last in fitness for the rest of their lives,” she says. “I take a little bit more of a holistic approach to fitness. I really like the private setting because it gives me a chance to get to know my clients and the stresses in their lives.” 

She adds that she takes a measured approach to working with her clients.

“I don't push people to do things that I don't think aren't safe,” she says. “I help my clients learn how to do standard, basic exercises that are functional and lead to being healthy and strong.”

To get started, Nancy works with clients to see what their goals are and to develop a fitness plan. She always recommends potential clients meet with her for a complimentary consultation first, a sit-down and chat session to get to know each other and to see if they can work together. After the discussion and taking into account the client’s goals, Nancy makes a recommendation on how often she thinks the client should come for training. She adds that her rates are reasonable and she always tries to work with the client’s budget to find the best fit she can for what the client has to spend. 

Once a fitness plan is formulated, Nancy uses the first training session as an assessment, she says.

“I want to see what they can do, how much they can do and how they can do it,” she adds.

When clients come looking for training help it is because their primary goal is weight loss or increasing strength, she says. But, improving body balance is an important first step, one often overlooked, she adds. 

“I aim to get a firm foundation built first and then we can start working on weight loss and strengthening the body,” says Nancy. “If you have a strong foundation you can work harder and more efficiently toward your goal.” 

All client sessions are set up as pre-booked appointments. Nancy sees clients from 7 am to 6 pm, Mondays to Fridays. To set up a time, call or text 604.223.4158, or email

Total Body Training is located at 4377 Georgia Crescent. For more information, go to Nancy's website at  

Find Total Body Training on Facebook.

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