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Roberts Creek students raise more than $1,200 for BC SPCA

C.SPCA kids a copy_resized
Roberts Creek Elementary School students with the cheque for more than $1,200 they raised for the BC SPCA.

The students at Roberts Creek school decided to fundraise for our local BC SPCA. 

Mila came to Ms. Lilyanna, asking if her and her friend, Hunter, could do a fundraiser for the SPCA. 

The entire school was involved in bringing in dish soap, laundry soap, dog and cat food, and various other toys.  

We asked for donations and in the first week received $258, but for Roberts Creek Elementary that wasn’t enough.  

We called in some more friends to start a toy raffle. The prizes for the raffle were donated, upcycled toys. Within days we had raised a grand total of $1,245.  

We would like to thank the students and families of Roberts Creek, especially, Georgia, Mable, Sophie, Anna, Ena, Calla, and Harlee.  

We would also like to thank Teddy Bear, Ms. Lilyanna’s adorable dog, for encouraging people along the way.  

We look forward to our next social justice project.