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Opinion: I created a dog stick library in New West. Please join in

Join in the fun with Jake
dog stick library
Jake with the dog stick library in Sapperton.

You've likely heard of, or seen, community book libraries located on various neighbourhood streets in the city where people can pick up or donate books to read. We have three in our Sapperton neighbourhood. 

Recently, I decided to build a variation of this with the creation of a dog stick library for the local dog park. As you'll see by the pic attached, I took an old wood pallet and made it into a storage box, made the signage and put some sticks that are perfect for dogs to fetch and play with, inside Hume Park dog area. 

As we approached the one-year mark of the pandemic, I wanted to spread some joy and take some of the "ruff" out of this unprecedented year. Not to mention for us dog owners, our furry companions have been priceless with their unconditional love during this uncertain time. 

Since placing it there on Friday afternoon, other dog owners have laughed, snapped pics and added more sticks to it. Clearly it's working and lots of four-legged friends are having fun too. 

The Dog Stick Library at Hume Park is located at the entrance of the 500 block of Garrett St. My dog, Jake, is proud to share it with all of the furry friends who visit the park. Within minutes of placing it there, the New West Animal Shelter staff contacted me asking to share it on their social media accounts. 

Fiona Burrows is a New Westminster resident.