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Let’s Talk Trash: Get down with the lockdown

November 25, 2020
While technically not in a lockdown, our social circles and movements have likely contracted significantly. Amid this swirl of changes, we are surprisingly in the natural position to successfully . . .

Let’s Talk Trash: Cabin fever to cabin clearing

November 18, 2020
Does this time of social limitation and constricted movement around the globe have you reevaluating some parts of your life? Fewer distractions means more naval gazing, and you might just have . . .

Let’s Talk Trash: Eating in season

November 12, 2020
As you drive through farm country these days, you will notice the fields are mostly bare. Only lingering hardy greens, cabbage, root vegetables and the last resilient raspberries remain. If you . . .

Wood waste idea pitched by Powell River resident

November 5, 2020
A Powell River resident wants the city to apply for a grant to deal with wood waste at the new resource-recovery centre. Dan Tatham appeared before the November 3 committee of the whole meeting . . .

Let’s Talk Trash: Halloween waste audit

November 4, 2020
Creativity was the name of the game this All Hallow’s Eve. Households delivered treats down chutes, neighbours dropped off gifts to each other and friends exchanged costumes. Overall, trash cans . . .

Let’s Talk Trash: An ocean of plastic

October 28, 2020
You probably have to be living under a rock, next to a piece of Styrofoam, not to have heard of ocean plastic pollution. Who would have predicted that the wonderfully pliable, strong, inexpensive. . .

Ocean plastic depot opens today in Powell River

October 26, 2020
qathet Regional District Let’s Talk Trash team member Abby McLennan is outside the new ocean plastic depot, British Columbia’s first, that has opened at Augusta Recyclers in Powell River. Marine . . .

Let’s Talk Trash: Heating rebates increase energy efficiency

October 21, 2020
Nothing is so quintessentially west coast in the winter as cuddling up on the couch with a book next to a roaring fire. The dreamy picture can go up in (black) smoke, however, when we notice how . . .

Ocean plastic depot to open in Powell River

October 14, 2020
BC’s first ocean plastic depot will be opening at Augusta Recyclers in Powell River on October 26. According to a media release from qathet Regional District (qRD) and Ocean Legacy Foundation, . . .

Let’s Talk Trash: Buttoning up for winter

October 14, 2020
As waves of brisk weather descend upon us, we might be thinking about buttoning up our home and garden for winter sleep. One of the most earth-friendly actions we can take this time of year is to. . .


Should residents be allowed to keep a rooster within city limits in Powell River?

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Powell River resident wants animal control bylaw changed

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