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With the fresh scent of spring in the air, it’s easy to focus on the warmer days ahead – patio drinks, dinner parties and summer vacations. But it’s important to ensure that your home is ready for the change of season. Winter can take a toll on your house and garden, so it’s no wonder so many people want to rejuvenate at this time of the year. Spring can be a great opportunity to take inventory and start some new projects, both indoors and outside the home.

Are you looking for a professional’s help to realize a home reno dream, or looking for the tools and products to do it yourself? Does your yard need a major overhaul or are you just interested in brightening up your garden beds? Whatever your project, getting started can be the most challenging step.

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Many people often receive conflicting or confusing advice when they start a home project of any size. Friends, family and neighbours each seem to have warnings, opinions or recommendations, but how can you cut through all that complexity and stay true to your vision?

Powell River Peak has curated a directory of local businesses that can help, whether you want to begin a home improvement project or reinvigorate your flowers beds. You can draw inspiration from the experts on this list and finally feel ready to face the new season.

No matter how large or small-scale a change you want to make, the Powell River Peak’s Home & Garden Stars list has a recommendation. From design experts to supply stores, contractors to excavators, Powell River has a wealth of professionals who are excited to help you realize your home’s potential this spring. 

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