Removing life’s barriers with hypnotherapy in Powell River

What if you could hit a reset button and live life with a different approach?

Think of it.

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All of the barriers you have in the way of a happier and more fulfilling existence could be removed.

That’s what it’s like when you experience hypnotherapy sessions at Rise Hypnotherapy in Powell River. As owner Holli Currie explains it, the process is an effective way of making lasting change that comes from within.

It’s not magic, it’s not a parlour trick or manipulation. It is actually based on neuroscience and the fact that we can control our minds with our thoughts.

What hypnotherapy entails is working with clients at a subconscious level to address areas of their lives they want to change.

It could be dealing with the fear of flying, quelling general anxiety or depression, bolstering your confidence, quitting smoking, and even relationship issues such as starting over after a divorce or infidelity. Whatever it is, Holli says the key is that her clients are the ones who identify what they’d like changed, and they are responsible for allowing it to happen.

“Hypnosis is a focused state of relaxation, like what you experience about five seconds before you fall asleep,” Currie explains. “It is not a magic spell, you’re not unconscious, and the client always has control,” she says, adding hypnotherapy taps into the subconscious mind to affect the conscious mind.

“Our subconscious mind holds all the information we’ve ever received from birth and it makes decisions based on all of that information,” she says. “With hypnotherapy, we relax the critical part of your mind in order to directly access the subconscious mind and give it new information to allow it to make new decisions for you.”

And that promotes “healing” to occur in the mind to address various conditions, such as fears and attitudes.

Depending on how a client prefers to receive information, Currie tailors her approach - for example through a certain type of voice or use of metaphors - during a session to undertake the process, which for the vast majority of clients is successful.

“As long as you have a clear goal of what you want to address, can relax, and want it to happen, hypnotherapy can work for you,” Currie says, adding most clients requiring up to six sessions to achieve their goals, with most noticing changes after being hypnotized only once or twice.

For more information about how Rise Hypnotherapy could help you, visit or call 604-414-3835.

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