Top of the Hill Solutions provides multiple power and service options in Powell River

Impressive RV and solar inventory awaits

A visit to Top of the Hill Solutions is an eye-opening experience for anyone thinking of solar power for recreation properties and homes, or for recreational vehicle (RV) needs. It is no longer just a place to stop for groceries, lottery tickets or a fresh-made sandwich; it is all that, and so much more.

In addition to the convenience store, Top of the Hill also houses the largest solar-energy-system inventory north of Vancouver, full-on RV accessories and appliances and, to top everything off, even sells a line of electric scooters.

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With the large solar-panel inventory, everything contractors and do-it-yourself vacation homeowners require to power off-grid appliances and equipment is available in stock, along with advice about this clean, alternative-energy option.

“A number of people can walk in to buy full systems and we will still have more in our inventory, everything from small to large systems; charge controllers, inverters, batteries and cables,” says manager Andy Vestering.

Most sales and services are directly related to off-grid living, in locations without access to power, such as Savary Island, Powell Lake and other areas with no service. A growing grid-tie market also exists for homeowners with hydro connections thinking of green and renewable energy alternatives.

“People are wanting their recreation homes and RVs to be able to perform similar to their family home,” says Andy. “Top of the Hill can make that happen.”

As a cabin owner on Powell Lake for the past 25 years, Andy has installed and tested many off-grid accessories, enabling him to share the acquired knowledge and experience with his customers.

“I have lived it for years, so I know what people expect for off-grid living,” says Andy.

It is common for people to think they need more equipment than necessary. A conversation with Andy and checking out the inventory at Top of the Hill often results in cost savings for customers.

“Solar DC fridges are getting more and more popular the last few years,” says Andy. “I have cut my propane costs by 70 per cent since switching to a solar DC fridge.”

With increasing demands for off-grid power, more battery options are required for customers. Top of the Hill stocks all types of batteries: golf cart, 2-volt, 6-volt, and L16s. All off-grid inverters are also kept in stock. Inverter cables are custom-made using a new bench crimper recently acquired for the process.

“Inverter cables are expensive, so buying in bulk and having us custom-make them is more cost-effective,” says Andy.

For customers who still use propane, Top of the Hill can service and repair propane fridges, and also electric accessories for customers’ vacation homes and RVs. Top of the Hill also repairs, services and sells RV fridges, hot water tanks, furnaces, water pumps, toilets, fittings, electrical plug-ins, cleaners, vent and vent covers, and more.

RV owners are welcome to check out the wide variety of accessories already on the shelves, or cruise through the Atlas catalogue to find exactly what they are looking for.

“We will happily bring it in for you,” says Andy. “Top of the Hill is your new one-stop RV accessories, parts and service centre.”

Top of the Hill is proud to complement its solar line with electric scooters, including a three-wheeled mobility unit and two-wheeled versions; each equipped with signal lights and headlights. The Gio-brand scooters have pedals in addition to electric motors, which classifies them as bicycles.

“You just get on them and go; you can ride for 50 kilometres before needing to recharge,” says Andy. “If needed, we can service or repair any Gio brand.”

Top of the Hill Solutions is open seven days a week from 7 am to 10 pm (9 pm Sundays), with full service Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. For more information, call 604.483.9006 or 604.414.4212.

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