Westward Coastal Homes builds strong core team in Powell River

Renovation specialist gains traction

Relocating a business to Powell River led to a learning curve for Westward Coastal Homes and Renovations owner Jeremy Hayward. After three years he says a core team of employees and subcontractors has started to catch traction.

“I’ve learned so much about how things work here,” explains Jeremy.

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With five full-time employees and multiple subcontractors now in place, Jeremy says the experienced team is able to help clients through home renovations projects from start to finish.

“We are a very tight crew right now,” he added. “The sub-trades we are working with are awesome, and as a builder we usually get priority with them.”

Jeremy and his wife Kimberly moved here in the summer of 2017.

“We absolutely love this town and the people,” says Jeremy. “Kimberly grew up here and we visited often before making the move.”

The family has grown since relocating with the arrival of son Dax on June 30, 2019. Their older son Brady is two and a half.

“We thank all of our vendors, trades, friends and everybody for being so welcoming to us, which made the transition a lot easier,” he adds.

Westward Coastal Homes helps people realize their dreams, whether a renovation is big or small.

“A lot of people tell me we would never want to do their job because it’s too small, but we will do almost anything; there is no job too small,” says Jeremy.

The company can build new homes, but mostly focuses on renovations and working with homeowners.

“I like the personal side of it; I like meeting people,” explains Jeremy. “It makes me happy when the project is all done and you have a happy client. I love that part of it. You make a new friend, too.”

Jeremy says the company has completed several successful projects, but that renovations can be unpredictable, which can affect timelines and budgets.

“I’m not going to say everything is always great and it is going to be on budget and on time, because it is never really the case,” he adds. “Renovations, despite all efforts to make them seamless, don’t happen that way.”

Designs or plans can change, things break, something unexpected might be found under a floor, a trade/subcontractor might be busy, or problems may arise with deliveries or goods showing up damaged, according to Jeremy. Because local trades are so busy, this creates a domino effect, changing the schedule and throwing everyone for a loop, he says.

“Amid all this, we stick with the client and don’t give up,” adds Jeremy. “We try our best to get the job done as efficiently as possible. When I first moved here, it was a lot harder, because I figured I could call a few people and they would be there; it is just not like that. Trades are very busy here.”

Jeremy says the skill set of the workforce in Powell River is very high.

“One person can do a lot more here because it is a small town,” he adds. “People are more diverse because they have to be.”

Making sure homeowners understand what’s going on with the process is paramount, as is billing transparency, and employees are following protocols due to COVID-19 to ensure safety for clients and the team.

“We’ve been sticking to our close circle of family, just keeping it in our bubble,” says Jeremy. “It’s something we all promised to each other, because it affects all of us, so we are trying to stay mindful of everyone.”

Handwashing stations are set up at job sites with hand sanitizer and wipes on hand. Masks are worn if requested by the client and measures are taken to address any concerns they may have to make them comfortable.

“When anyone comes to our site, they wash their hands, wipe their tools off, wear gloves and only touch what they need to,” explains Jeremy. “We’re doing whatever it takes to keep clients and ourselves safe.”

For more information, email jeremy@westwardcoastalhomes.com or call 604.838.8172.

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