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B.C. administers six millionth COVID-19 dose

79.5% of the province's eligible population has now been vaccinated.
Vaccination sign
A Vancouver Coastal Health sign for a vaccination centre helps direct people

B.C. health officials administered their six millionth COVID-19 dose in the past 24 hours, as the province's proportion of vaccinated individuals continues to rise. 

There are now 3,686,611 British Columbians who have had at least one dose of vaccine, with 2,310,888 now fully vaccinated with two doses. Another 7,169 doses have gone to individuals who normally reside outside of B.C., or to those who have died following being vaccinated, according to the B.C. government.

In total, this adds up to 6,004,668 jabs in arms since the first vaccine dose in the province was provided on December 16.

All doses to British Columbians are in people aged 12 years or older, and the province's math holds that 79.5% of this age group has had at least one dose of vaccine, while 49.9% of the age group is fully vaccinated. 

B.C.'s adult population, aged 18 years and older, includes 3,485,949 people (80.6%) who have had at least one shot of vaccine, and 2,301,222 individuals (53.2%) who are fully vaccinated. 

B.C.'s vaccination effort is so far slightly behind the rest of Canada. Canada's COVID-19 tracker today reported that 79.6% of the eligible Canadian population has had at least one dose, while 55% of Canadians are fully vaccinated.

B.C. health officials detected 45 new COVID-19 infections in the past day.

More than 98.3%, or 145,908, of the 148,331 people known to have contracted COVID-19 in B.C. are considered by the province to have recovered because they have gone 10 days after first feeling symptoms, and are therefore thought to not be infectious.

The number of those in B.C. actively fighting COVID-19 infections rose by two overnight, to 652, with more than 92% of those being advised to self-isolate. 

The number of those with active infections in B.C. hospitals fell by three, to 60, which is the lowest number since September 21, when there were also 60 people in B.C. hospitals with COVID-19. The last time there were fewer such patients in B.C. hospitals was on September 18, when there were 59 COVID-19 patients in B.C. hospitals.

Of those in hospital, there remain 12 in intensive care units. 

B.C.'s 652 active infections, by health region, include:
• 163 in Fraser Health (25%);
• 259 in Vancouver Coastal Health (39.7%);
• 164 in Interior Health (25.1%);
• 29 cases in Northern Health (4.4%);
• 30 in Island Health (4.6%); and
• six people who reside outside B.C.

No new COVID-19 deaths were recorded in the province overnight, leaving the province's death toll from the disease at 1,761.

The only existing healthcare facility outbreak at in B.C. remains at Laurel Place at Surrey Memorial Hospital in Surrey.