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Editorial: Keep small businesses in mind all year

Small business week: Where are you spending your money?

Small business week in BC takes place from October 15 to 21. But let’s keep it going on October 22, and beyond.

Small businesses are incredibly important to our region, which is why it’s important to shop local. It boosts our economy, since the money flows within the community, and supports our neighbours, family members and friends who are employed at one of the establishments.

Larger businesses are sometimes operated by chains but employ people who live and work in our community. Their contribution to the fabric of our local society is also important.

The combination of larger and smaller enterprises determines economic health for all. Each adds to the uniqueness of our community; without them, the city and region would not have the same spirit and vibrancy.

When residents make purchases at a local business, it allows proprietors to pay it forward when buying items or services at other local businesses and establishments, as well as paying employees who do the same. The trickle-down effect of continuing to support all local businesses, today, tomorrow and beyond will make them stronger and the community healthier.

The main goal of business owners is to connect with and serve customers. Local businesses are continually evolving and adapting to the times to serve their customer base.

Keeping our eyes and ears open to learning what they have to offer ensures we can order or purchase those items here, conveniently, rather than going elsewhere and having those spent dollars disappear.

Where are you spending your money next week, and in the future?

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