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Friends act quickly when young women sustains burns from fire in qathet region

GoFundMe campaign has been set up for Alexis Schofield as Help Alexis Heal
SUSTAINS INJURIES: Alexis Schofield was burned in an incident where a jerrycan exploded in her proximity while she was enjoying a fire with friends. A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help the family while Alexis is in Vancouver General Hospital.

On October 8, Alexis Schofield and a few friends were at a fire when a jerrycan blew up and the flames burned Alexis’s body.

According to a written report from Alexis’s mother Terri Schofield, after initial panic, Alexis was fast to drop, where her friends Haylee Harper, Tristin Sanderson, and Kody Lessard would quickly remove her clothes, putting the fire out. Immediately after, Harper and Sanderson would drive her to Powell River General Hospital, Terri stated.

Alexis was instantly admitted, and shortly after, intubated, after Terri arrived at the hospital, according to the report.

“Alexis suffered severe burns to various parts of her body, including her face and hands,” Terri stated. “She spent the night at Powell River General, sedated and intubated. The morning of October 9, she was airlifted to Vancouver General Hospital, where she has been ever since in their intensive care unit (ICU). Her father, Matt Schofield, was able to be at the hospital when she landed. Since October 9, Alexis has had an ICU team caring for her, along with meeting with specialists, discussing the possibility of plastic surgery.”

Terri stated that during this time, Alexis has had an abundance of support from her small-town community in Powell River.

“Shortly after her accident, a GoFundMe page was put up by her best friend, Haylee Harper, with the hopes of raising $10,000 for her family, wanting them to have the financial support they will need while their daughter is recovering,” Terri stated. “Within hours, they had surpassed that goal, and the GoFundMe has raised more than $23,000, as of October 14. Along with the GoFundMe, the family has received private donations, gifts, and many supportive messages.

“Alexis’s family is beyond thankful for every form of support they have been given and are grateful to be able to be with their daughter. A special thanks is in order for Bill Chernoff and Matt Larocque from Oceanview Helicopters Ltd., who on short notice, were able to ensure Terri got to Vancouver, to be with Alexis, who had already been flown out via medivac.”

Terri stated the family would also like to extend an enormous thank you to everyone on Alexis’s medical care team, including the staff at Powell River General Hospital for providing her with her initial care, and keeping her comfortable while she waited to be flown to Vancouver. Terri stated thanks also goes to Wes, Alexis’s nurse in Powell River, for staying with her until she was put on the helicopter, when Terri was having to make her travel arrangements. Terri also thanked the various doctors and nurses in Vancouver, who have provided Alexis with the best possible care. 

“Alexis is improving with time,” stated Terri. “She remains in the ICU, waiting to be moved to the burn unit at Vancouver General. She has had her breathing tube removed, may not need surgery, and has even blown her friend, Haylee, kisses during their visit. She has a long road ahead of her but has already proved to be an extremely resilient young woman, who is widely loved.”

People wanting to donate to the GoFundMe campaign can go to and enter Help Alexis Heal into the search bar.

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