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Good morning, Peak readers

Photo feature of the day, today in history, the weather forecast and local gas prices
August_18_Alan Maconnachie _Mowat Bay May 2022

Happy Thursday!

Regular photo of the day contributor Alan Maconnachie submitted today’s featured image, taken during a morning outing at Mowat Bay on Powell Lake.

To submit a picture for Photo of the Day consideration, send it via email to with the subject line “Photo of the Day.” Remember to include where and when you took the picture, what it is and your name (we want to give you credit).

On this day:
In 1869, machinist and inventor William Hamilton received the first patent issued by the Canadian government for his machine designed to measure liquids.

In 1877, Phobos, one of two moons orbiting Mars, was discovered by Asaph Hall, who also discovered the planet’s other moon, Deimos.

Today’s weather:
A mix of sun and cloud, clearing by noon, is expected on Thursday, August 18, as is a high of 29 degrees Celsius. The forecast calls for cloudy periods in the evening, a 30 per cent chance of showers and an overnight low of 16 degrees. For the full 12-hour and seven-day qathet region weather forecast, go to our weather page.

In case you missed it…
A giant tree fell at Willingdon Beach around sunset on August 16, and fortunately, nobody was injured or killed when the tree dropped unexpectedly.

Interested parties can get up close and personal with humpback whales during the free Welcoming Whales presentation at the Tidal Art Centre in Lund on August 21.

Low on gas?
Here are the latest prices at local stations.