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Henderson Elementary School students get improved outdoor space

Concrete company has bright idea to create lasting monument

When Henderson Elementary students returned from spring break, they were happy to find a newly created and functioning place to play at their qathet region school.

Previous to the break, the edging had been poured. The contractor suggested all 123 students put their hands in the fresh concrete, marking it with their prints, creating a lasting kind of monument. Each student put their initials beside their hand, so when they return in future they will know which one is theirs.

“I’ve had lots of positive comments from families and staff, saying how much it ties the area together,” said principal Matthew Hull. “It’s all fresh and clean, and a great space for kids to play.”

Hull said the area was all sand and broken asphalt, and had problems with flooding.

“We lovingly referred to it as Lake Henderson,” laughed Hull. “They [the contractor] put in new drainage, poured the concrete, and put in curbing and edging; they did a really nice job,” said Hull. “This makes it a great place for kids to play and people to meet.”