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inclusion Powell River’s Alexandra Bissley recognized as a rising star

Manager recognized by BC Community Social Services Awards of Excellence
GETS RECOGNITION: Alexandra Bissley, inclusion Powell River’s communications and quality assurance manager, has received the rising star award from the BC Community Services Social Services Awards of Excellence for her exceptional efforts with inclusion.

inclusion Powell River (iPR) communications and quality assurance manager Alexandra Bissley is the recipient of this year’s BC Community Social Services Awards of Excellence (CSSEA) rising star award.

“I am so touched by the work and thoughtfulness that my colleagues put into this nomination,” said Bissley. “It’s such an honour to be receiving this award and I find it so motivating in continuing to support the meaningful work that [iPR] is doing in the community.

“I feel grateful to be a part of this organization and to work with the amazing people I do, who make my job a true pleasure. It’s my hope that this award brings a new angle of attention to the value and impact of inclusion Powell River.”

iPR chief executive officer Lilla Tipton, in a media release, stated: “I am so excited to announce that Alexandra Bissley is the very deserving recipient of this year’s rising star award.

“These Telus-sponsored awards were created to recognize the important work being done in the community social services sector. They receive many worthy nominations showcasing outstanding work by extraordinary individuals, but her [Bissley’s] accomplishments stood above the rest and impressed the member shortlisting committee and the external judging panel. I am so proud of her.”

There will be a virtual awards ceremony held on October 20 where a two- to three-minute video vignette will be shown. Bissley will make an acceptance speech along with the other award winners.

The release stated that a video crew came to Powell River to interview Bissley and members of the team about her work at iPR. In a normal year, the award would also include transportation and one night’s stay at the CSSEA conference venue, but unfortunately, that won’t be possible this year. Bissley will, however, be invited to attend the CSSEA conference in-person in 2022, as it is expected to go back to a regular in-person celebration.

Tipton stated that there are a number of reasons why Bissley is deserving of the award. She did an excellent job of revamping iPR’s external communications on social media and its website, streamlining and improving the content, visuals and interface, according to Tipton.

Bissley started an employee newsletter and a family newsletter and is continuing to improve it for more effective communication with employees and families, stated Tipton. She also started the impact report to report back to staff on how management has responded to information gathered through the staff survey. 

Bissley took the lead on the transition from manual to electronic tracking of medication administration, which involved coaching and supporting staff, revamping policy and working with the provider for a smooth transition. She also took the lead on a highly successful accreditation process without ever having even seen the standards prior to starting on this project.

“She led our teams through the process and increased their comfort level enough that they were not stressed and were able to focus on being proud of their work instead of being worried,” stated Tipton. “She helped others to see the value in being accredited.”

Most recently, Bissley took the lead on setting up the iPR homes website and she worked on policy and procedures to support the opening of the organization’s low market housing project on Ontario Avenue.

Finally, she has just completed the first draft of iPR’s performance analysis and report for the 2020/2021 fiscal year, which is soon to be released.