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Editorial: May is National Pet Month

Celebrate by adopting an adult dog or cat from BC SPCA - Powell River

One way to celebrate National Pet Month is by adopting an adult dog or cat from BC SPCA - Powell River.

Adopting pets from shelters helps address the issue of overpopulation and gives animals a second chance at a loving home.

Whether they are dogs, cats, birds or more exotic animals, pets enrich our lives in countless ways. They provide unconditional love and even encourage healthier lifestyles.

Studies have shown that the mere presence of a pet can help lower heart rates and blood pressure, relieve stress and anxiety, increase opportunities for social interaction and actually add years to its owner’s life. The life of a homeless pet is also extended through adoption.

National Pet Month serves as an important reminder of the responsibilities that come with pet ownership. This includes providing proper nutrition, regular veterinary care and adequate exercise.

Pet collars don't grow, but puppies and kittens do. If not loosened, collars can literally grow right into the pet's neck, causing excruciating and constant pain. This month, in recognition of our furry friends, check collars weekly to ensure two or three fingers can slip between the pet's collar and their neck.

Whether lost or stolen, losing a pet is an agonizing experience, yet some people fail to put any kind of identification on their pets to ensure their safe return home. Pet owners are reminded to take the time to make sure their pet has a tag or chip that contains its owner's name, address and phone number.

For information about pet adoption, call BC SPCA - Powell River at 604.485.9252.

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