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Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society helps transfer tired bear cub to rehab facility

PROWLS: Rescue of the week

DEN DIGGER: A Westview resident noticed a small bear cub digging a hole under a front porch. They called the BC RAPP line (1.877.952.7277), and the call was passed onto local conservation officer Andrew Anaka.

This cub, getting ready for winter, was also getting very sleepy, even while digging. It was quickly scooped up by Andrew and placed in a kennel. He then called Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society president Merrilee Prior and the two of them started organizing a transfer for the small cub.

Andrew contacted the BC Conservation Officer Service biologist and they agreed rescue was a good choice over euthanasia. Merrilee prepared a comfy kennel for the cub’s journey.

She also called Critter Care Wildlife Society in Langley to see if they would accept the cub for rehab, and then Pacific Coastal Airlines for a flight to Vancouver. All went smoothly, although the cub had already settled in its first cage and was a little reluctant to now move into another. Once lifted into the travel kennel, however, it snuggled down into a big cozy quilt and was soon snoring.

After a call to photographer Michelle Pennell to arrange a quick photo shoot at the airport, the little cub was on its way. At least seven individuals/groups were involved in this amazing and thrilling rescue.

Bear cubs are usually born in January, tiny, helpless and hairless, weighing less than 225 grams/eight ounces. There are often two to three in a litter, who stay with the mother for about 18 months.