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qathet region students raise funds for earthquake relief

Assumption School class holds bake sale to benefit victims
HELPING HANDS: Grade 5 and 6 classmates at Assumption School decided to organize a fundraiser to help people in Syria and Türkiye affected by the recent earthquake in that region.

Mr. Maguire’s Grade 5/6 class at Assumption School has just learned about the recent horrible earthquake that devastated the people living in Syria and Türkiye.

The qathet region students learned how many thousands of people have lost their lives and still many more thousands need help from the global community, including food, water, shelter and medical attention.

The students decided they wanted to help the victims in Syria and Türkiye by holding a bake sale at school. The generous school community donated $730 to their cause.

The 5/6 class donated all the proceeds to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. This humanitarian organization makes sure food is provided to people who need it most. 

When asked about their experiences, here is what two grade 5/6 students had to say:

“Through this experience, I learned that I feel horrible for the victims and I am happy that we can help in a small way,” said student Mattea Gatt. “If everyone helps a little, we can accomplish a lot.”

“I learned how lucky we are to live in such a safe country,” added fellow student Julian Valing. “I was happy to help raise money to try and help out as much as I could.”