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Spring Home and Garden: Bloom before you go

Real estate agent suggests home sellers spend time in the garden to enhance the look of their properties

For those who follow author and motivational speaker Wayne Dyer, there was a somewhat famed story he used to tell of two different women querying about his home base in Hawaii, while they were contemplating moves to the same area.

One went on and on describing her current home, community, neighbours, as absolutely wonderful. The other described her community in a completely negative light.

Dyer’s answer on both occasions was that his community was “much the same.”

This is always a great reminder for clients buying or selling their home; if you want to cultivate the most optimal move energetically “bloom before you go.” Blooming gardens are always a plus.

Just like the Aurora Borealis is a living consciousness, so too is your garden. Everything we do leaves an energetic imprint.

To revere the land, touch your hands into soil, plant colourful flowers, grow food and watch the fruits of your labour bloom is an act of love. Everything vibrates and the vibration of love can be felt in homes and on properties where gardens are nurtured.

We are an intricate part of nature. The energy exchange is undeniable. Gardens hold the same energy imprint as your body, your home and in turn your next home.

Some tips to harness energy, especially if you are growing a vegetable garden, is to twist a piece of copper wire around a stick and plant it upright in your garden. Just as the human body requires copper for grounding to the earth, and lights require a ground wire, so too do plants.

Recently a friend tried this with one of her garden beds. The result was the one with the copper grew vegetables approximately two feet higher in growth than those without. This is the legacy Nicola Tesla left behind, that indeed we can work with the free energy of the earth.

We’re constantly bombarded with messages about soil depletion and the quality of our food, but how much do we consider the vibration of it? Did you know that 432hz is considered the frequency of nature, sometimes referred to as the God Code? Imagine playing this frequency of music in your gardens.

Another tip that could be used in the soil for gardens to help them flourish is seaweed. Did you know 97 per cent of the world is iodine deficient? Our thyroid gland is also 432hz (aka the butterfly) and iodine is compulsory.

In Powell River we have the luxury of having an ocean full of seaweed often with extra washed up on shore that would fortify any vegetable garden. I’ve seen lettuce that grew three feet tall with seaweed and worm castings added to the soil.

Spring and summer are optimal for colourful flower gardens, too.

Consider taking pictures when gardens are looking their best. These can always be incorporated into your real estate listings, to show what the gardens look like in full bloom, regardless of the time of year you may be buying or selling.

Any amount of effort in your gardens will always enhance the energy of a home and in turn benefit your next move.

Lisa Bartello is a local real estate agent.

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