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Students challenge their memories

Grades six and seven battle to become Read for the Top winners
Students challenge their memories

Read for the Top is a reading challenge which ends with a district-wide competition and this year’s event at Evergreen Theatre drew out the pride in each team.

Twenty novels were assigned to grade six students and a different 20 were assigned to grade sevens throughout School District 47. Over the year, students were encouraged to read as many of the novels as possible and those who read the most books formed a team to compete against other schools. This year, for the first time, Edgehill and Grief Point elementary schools were able to enter two teams in each competition.

All students in grades six and seven attended the event earlier this month to cheer on their classmates. During the competition clues were given pertaining to a specific novel and the teams guessed the name of the novel. The team that guessed the most novels won.

It is a simple recipe for a lot of fun, but while winning the competition is the obvious goal, encouraging all students to read is the ultimate objective.

Students from Brooks Secondary School, including Clancy Sindlinger, Jeremy Hopper, Lauren Davis, Ricci Leitch, Gabrielle Legge and Justyce Fletcher, served as judges, helpers and acted out some dialogue from the novels as clues.

Winner for 2013 in grade six was the team of Sienna Edwards, Katie Trevisanutto and Breanne Werner from Assumption School. Second place went to Edgehill with Cameron Devereaux, Jaxyn Oele, Tristan Turney and alternate Luvy Vishek.

Winner for grade seven was Edgehill’s team of Jing Zhong, Warren Turley, Katelyn Bakker and alternate Brooke Clansey. Second place went to Grief Point for McKenna Long, Rachel Peckford and Jesse Brown.

An extra award, that of sportsmanship, went to Texada Island Elementary School.