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Near cousins recover from wing injuries at Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society

PROWLS: Rescue of the week
A robin that was attacked by a cat recently spent time at Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society to heal a broken wing.

DOUBLE RELEASE: A robin [above] and varied thrush were both victims of cat attacks that resulted in broken wings. The robin’s wing healed but when unwrapped was not quite aligned.

Still cold outside and even snowy, the robin was placed on the front porch where it worked hard at flying along with another young robin. Its wing grew stronger and actually straightened. As the weather improved, the robin was moved to the large flight cage, where she continued her convalescence.

The varied thrush, found up Scout Mountain, arrived in late January. A near cousin of the robin, varied thrushes are common in our region in the winter. Its wing was also badly damaged by the cat and Powell River Orphaned Wildlife Society president Merrilee Prior was doubtful regarding its recovery.

Still, she wrapped the wing to hold it in place, and left it for 10 days, keeping the bird quiet and well fed.

The thrush was typically shy and hid in its small safe kennel. Eventual removal of the wrap revealed considerable healing and it was placed in a larger cage where it demonstrated a strong desire to fly.

The thrush soon moved in with the robin in the larger flight cage outdoors and together they practiced their flight abilities with wings steadily growing stronger.

They were released together in the woods. Both flew into separate trees and called out. Both were answered by their own kind.

All was well. From a poor prognosis to release in the woods, what marvellous healings.

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