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Wuwoom Festival set for return to Salish Centre in Tla'amin

“Performers of all ethnicities have been invited back yearly and have enjoyed a relaxing evening of music.” ~ Festival coordinator Cyndi Pallen
CELEBRATING DIVERSITY: Preparing for Wuwoom Festival are [from left] Cyndi Pallen, festival coordinator, Doreen Point, Shelley Chaney and Chris Weekes, outside of the Tla’amin Salish Centre, where the event will be held. The festival is a sharing of song and dance, described as a fun-filled international multicultural event.

Wuwoom Festival, celebrating music and dance, is returning after interruption due to COVID-19.

The festival is scheduled for April 8, from 6 to 9 pm, at Tla’amin Salish Centre.

“The festival is open to the public to celebrate diversity, through sharing songs and dance,” said festival coordinator Cyndi Pallen. “Wuwoom has been a yearly fundraiser for healthy and wellness activities.”

Pallen, from Tla’amin Nation, described Wuwoom Festival as a fun-filled international multicultural sharing of music through songs and dance.

“We continuously seek performers who wish to join us for a fun-filled evening,” said Pallen. “Performers of all ethnicities have been invited back yearly and have enjoyed a relaxing evening of music.”

Pallen has a passion for music and has grown up singing all her life, which she describes as a gift from her parents, who both sang at home, at outings and in church. She pays homage to her parents, as Wuwoom becomes a continued legacy of her parents’ regard for singing and building relationships through the love of music, a universal art worldwide, said Pallen.

“The name Wuwoom means singing in Tla’amin language, evolved after sitting with a past elder Mary Harry, a family support worker of Tla’amin Health Services,” said Pallen. “We are very happy to open the door once again, after closure due to COVID-19 in 2020.

The entrance fee for Wuwoom Festival will be $15, or tickets can be purchased by calling 604.414.3874.