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Safety alert: Canada-wide recall of laundry products due to 'chemical hazard'

Check your laundry cabinets.

Canadians are advised to check their laundry detergents and conditioners following the second product recall from an American plant-based cleaning product company. 

On Dec.1, 2022, Health Canada posted a country-wide recall notification from The Laundress for batches of laundry detergent, fabric conditioner, and household cleaners due to a risk of exposure to bacteria. 

The federal health department posted a second recall notification recall for the New York-based company on Friday, March 31, which includes The Laundress fabric softeners, due to a "chemical hazard."

The products have "The Laundress – New York" printed at the top of the label and were sold individually, in kits, or as part of a bundle. All lot codes are being recalled.

"The fabric conditioners can contain a chemical impurity, ethylene oxide, a carcinogen that can cause adverse health effects if there is significant and direct long-term exposure," according to the notification. 

The Laundress reported that approximately 13,000 units of the affected product were sold in Canada. As of March 28, there have been no reports of injuries. 

What you should do

If you have any of the recalled products, immediately stop using them. Contact The Laundress for reimbursement.

If you submitted a refund request for the first product recall in 2022, submit a new request if you purchased recalled products on or after January 2021. You can request a refund using either a photo of the lot code with their initials and the date written in marker or a receipt, or, if purchased through The Laundress online, you can submit your e-mail address for a refund.

If you purchased recalled products before January 2021, take a photo of the lot code with their initials and the date written in marker and contact The Laundress for a full refund of the purchase price, with receipt, or of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, without a receipt.

After requesting a refund, dispose of the product by closing the bottle tightly and placing it in your household trash. Health Canada underscores that you should "not empty the product prior to disposal."

For any further questions, call The Laundress at (800) 681-1915, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, or online at The Laundress Recall or at The Laundress and click "Get Started" on the company's homepage for more information.