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Richmond's Herbaland working with Health Canada on bulk gummy recall

Bulk gummy recall not related to effectiveness or potency of formulations, says Herbaland.
Health Canada issued a recall for Herbaland gummies sold in bulk for inadequate labelling.

A Richmond company is working with Health Canada to remove gummy vitamins and supplements sold in bulk to zero-waste shops.

A recall notice issued by Health Canada earlier this month warned consumers that 61 Herbaland products sold in bulk across Canada did not come with adequate labelling and lacked dosing instructions, ingredient lists and safety warnings.

The products were sold to around 30 zero-waste stores as part of Herbaland's initiative to foster sustainability, explained Herbaland in a written statement.

Following the recall, the company is "collaborating closely with Health Canada" and "taking proactive measures" to withdraw the affected products.

Consumers are asked not to use the affected gummies, details of which can be found on one list for 15 groups of products and another for three more groups, and either dispose of them per municipal or regional guidelines or return them to their local pharmacy for disposal.

Herbaland added the recall has "no impact on the effectiveness or potency" of their formulations and their 100-per-cent compostable pouches are unaffected.