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Safety Alert: Energy drink recalled across Canada due to high levels of caffeine

Cans of Pink Drip, Ice Shatter, and Hype Sauce have been recalled
Cans of G Fuel Energy Drinks' Ice Shatter Energy Drink, Pink Drip Energy Drink and Hype Sauce Energy Drink.

Three flavours of energy drinks from G Fuel are being recalled due to high levels of caffeine.

The three drinks (Pink Drip, Ice Shatter, and Hype Sauce) are being recalled across Canada because they have high levels of caffeine and no warning about the contents. The brand often advertises to gamers and fans of animation; the G Fuel website currently shows collaborations with Mortal Kombat II, Dragon Ball Z, and Fallout.

Specifically, it's 473 ml cans of the drink. The UPCs all start with 8 10044 881; they end in 82 0, 59 2, and 54 7.

Health Canada is warning consumers about excess caffeine in three energy drinks from the brand G Fuel. The following UPC codes are subject to recall. Health Canada

Health Canada requires specific labelling when it comes to caffeinated drinks; the recall notification about the G Fuel drinks notes that while they contain 300 mg of caffeine, there's no cautionary statement on the cans about how much is safe to drink.

Canada's food guidelines note that the maximum amount of caffeine a healthy adult can handle over a day from all sources is 400 mg (including energy drinks, coffee, tea, and chocolate products). For people who are pregnant (or are considering it) the maximum is 300 mg; the same for people who are breastfeeding.

For kids, the maximum should be based on a child's weight, according to Health Canada, with 2.5 mg per kilogram the maximum. That's for 100 lbs child that would be just over 110 mg of caffeine per day.