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2% Realty marks five years in qathet region

Company breaks conventional mould with lower commissions and personalized service
2% Realty Sunshine Coast co-owners Sunny Dawn Kostelnik [left] and her daughter Kait Melvin offer clients a unique business model rooted in family values.

Celebrating its fifth year in the qathet region, 2% Realty Sunshine Coast prides itself on being a small, family-run company offering personal, one-on-one relationships with their clients.

The company is tight-knit and built with family values, explains realtor and co-owner Kait Melvin.

“It’s my mom and me,” says Kait. “We also own another 2% Realty office in Whitehorse, Yukon, and my brother Bob Kostelnik runs that one. Our realtors Doug Daher and Richard Bishop are part of our 2% family.”

This familial atmosphere extends to their clients as well; they work with clients who have established a relationship of more than 27 years. An emphasis is placed on long-term relationships and face-to-face communication.

Sunny Dawn Kostelnik, Kait’s mother and co-owner, moved to the qathet region from Yukon nearly eight years ago after discovering the beauty of the area by boat. She had been considering settling in places such as Mexico and New Zealand, but the scenic beauty here and community spirit took hold.

Two years ago, Kait, Sunny and Bob purchased their new office space on the corner of Alberni and Marine at 4726 Marine Avenue and are here to stay.

“We’ve put roots down,” explains Kait. “I have two children who will, one day, graduate here.”

One of the significant differences between 2% Realty and conventional real estate companies lies in the commission structure.

“The reason we can offer this is that we’ve structured commission splits with our realtors quite differently than the traditional companies do,” she says. “We have lower overhead fees, so we don’t charge our realtors as much of a commission split when they get paid. So it all trickles down.

“Instead of keeping that money in our pocket, we pay it forward toward the community.”

Kait says there are no hidden fees with 2% Realty.

“We are what we say we are,” she adds. “It’s not too good to be true. It’s 2%.”

Despite attracting listings due to low commissions, Sunny Dawn says they have earned a reputation for securing buyers through stellar performance.

“Our realtors pride themselves on the quality of service, which has led to repeated business and genuine friendships with clients,” says Kait.

“We focus on our clients; we don’t focus on dollars,” adds Sunny Dawn. “Our clients’ interests are supposed to be first, and we’ve done that. We’ve put our money where our mouth is.”

One common misconception is that other realtors won’t show 2% Realty’s listings because they don’t get paid enough. Kait debunks that myth, stating that 2% Realty sells approximately 31% of its own listings, meaning 69% are sold by other companies.

“The majority of Powell River real estate agents put their clients first and show our listings,” says Kait.

For anyone looking for a personalized experience and potential savings in their real estate endeavours, 2% Realty offers an alternative, rooted in family values, and a dedication to clients’ interests.

2% Realty Sunshine Coast can be contacted by phone at 604.413.7222 or via email at [email protected].