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Peak team comes through ‘rain, snow or shine’

Publisher thanks carriers and drivers, who continue to deliver papers into hands of readers
Peak circulation manager Laura Sayer [left] and delivery driver Keith Harstrom.

A team of more than 50 carriers is responsible for delivering the Peak and Midweek Peak to homes in the region every Wednesday and Friday, whether it’s directly to houses, condos, apartments and businesses in the city, or to drop boxes in other areas.

“The editorial and creative process is complete once the pages are sent to the press,” explains Peak publisher Kelly Keil, “but many more steps are required to get our products into the hands of readers.”

Upon arrival at the Peak office, circulation director Laura Sayer organizes and prepares the bundles for pickup or delivery to the crew. Keil says the carriers are essential to the connection the Peak has established with its base of subscribers.

“They come through for us time and time again, rain, snow or shine,” she adds. “On the odd occasion when a ferry cancellation delays delivery, our carriers have to adjust their schedules to take care of their routes later in the day, or the following day.

“We appreciate their efforts and dedication to ensuring the messages from local businesses, as well as the latest news, makes it to doorsteps and mailboxes in a timely fashion. This wouldn’t work without them.”

Keil says the number of Peak carriers since the paper started publishing in 1995 is literally “in the thousands,” and for many young people, it was their first job.

“We’ve had carriers of all ages over the years,” she adds. “We are grateful to all of the youth and adults for their contributions, and to the current crew listed below, thank you so much for what you do.”

Evan Ashopenance

Tory Boser

Kesler Brown

Leander Browne

Vince Candela

Braeden Coburn

Harrison and Gabe Daigneault

Josanne Depape

Brooklyn Dollevoet

Sidney Ellwyn

Kyle Erickson

Leif Ervington

Matthew Gallow

Grayce Hilton

Colby Hobbs

Josiah and Ben Holler

Ethan Hull

Haedyn Keil 

Madelyn Keil

Warren King

Holly Kliauga

Lyle Knittel

Lynn Knittel

Billie Korstrom

Kooper Kozmeniuk

Patrick Kyer

Sharlene Lauzon

Jon London

William Mgeni

Cecil Michaels

Steven Mueller 

Isaac Nilsson

Aiden Parkin

Evan Penner

Zoe Penner

Matthew Power

Liz Ristau

Anthony Roberts

Larry Rogers

Eric Ruegg

Mackenzie Sayer

Tristan Schallock

Poppy Shandler

Bev Shannon

Noah Sinotte

Kalissa Smith

Susan Solowan

Tristan Somers

Andrew Taylor

Sharron Taylor

Karren Thickett

Thomas Trouten

Jamie Vallee

Tristan Vallee

Jack Walls

Julie White

Delivery drivers

Denise Harry

Keith Harstrom

Neil Brandt

Parnel Shandler