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BC Ferries sailings cancelled between Westview and Little River terminals

Mechanical difficulty disrupts September 10 schedule
PROBLEM EXPERIENCED: BC Ferries cancelled the first two sailings of the Salish Orca on September 10 due to a mechanical difficulty. The Salish Eagle will pick up the route in the afternoon.

BC Ferries has advised that the early morning and midday Salish Orca ferry sailings to Comox on Friday, September 10 have been cancelled due to a mechanical difficulty.

According to a BC Ferries advisory, the ship is experiencing a problem with its variable-speed drive.

The first sailings of the day were cancelled, as was the 9:55 am departure from Little River and the 11:50 am departure from the Westview terminal.

“We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience you may experience as a result of these cancellations,” according to a BC Ferries travel advisory.

The Salish Eagle will take over for the route for afternoon sailings on the following revised schedule: 5:30 pm departing Little River; 7:30 pm departing Powell River; 9:30 pm departing from Little River; 10:50 pm departing from Powell River.

“Our goal is to inform our customers as early as possible of any changes to our scheduled sailings,” the travel advisory stated. BC Ferries recommended that for the most up-to-date sailing and departure information, customers also follow @BCFerries on Twitter, visit, or call toll free at 1.888.223.3779 to inquire.