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City of Powell River Council briefs

Approves variance for proposed 141-unit apartment development; Names delegates for possible city renaming working group; Considers SOCP update for active transportation; Appoints library board trustees
Powell River city hall.

Approves variance

City of Powell River council has approved a variance for a proposed 141-unit apartment development at Joyce Avenue and Edgehill Crescent.

At the November 18 city council meeting, council voted to relax the required front and side setbacks to allow for minor encroachments of the proposed buildings. Councillor Rob Southcott said the development variance permit is to allow for roof extensions that protrude a little bit into the setback toward the direction of Edgehill Crescent.

“By the look of the diagram, it fits very well with the general design, so I support this,” said Southcott.

Council also approved a development permit to facilitate construction of the multifamily residential development, and that it be issued subject to receipt of the associated security deposit for required landscaping. Southcott said the permit is something council has reviewed extensively.

Councillor George Doubt said the development will be an asset to the area and part of an exciting, walkable neighbourhood. He said he supports it 100 per cent.

Names group

The possible city renaming process engagement joint working group delegates from the city have been named. Stewart Alsgard and Lyn Adamson will serve as appointed members of the public, and councillors Maggie Hathaway and Cindy Elliott will serve as city council representatives.

Receives report

Council voted to receive the qathet ending poverty strategy final report for information and to direct staff to publish the report on the city website for public access. 

Approves permit

A development variance permit will be issued at 4328 Marine Avenue to permit accessory building lot coverage to exceed the site coverage of the principal dwelling. 

Issues variance

Council granted a development variance to permit a carriage house at 3624 Marine Avenue to be sited to the front of a principal dwelling.

Considers policy update

An amendment to the city’s sustainable official community plan (SOCP) will be considered to update policy for active transportation. Councillor CaroleAnn Leishman said the initiative comes out of the new cycle network plan.

“We need to update our SOCP to bring us forward to improving our community for active transportation and better ability to get around our community safely,” said Leishman.

Southcott said the bicycle network plan was afforded by a $20,000 grant from Union of BC Municipalities and the expectation is that the plan be embedded in the SOCP.

“It’s really upgrading our whole SOCP to facilitate direction forward,” said Southcott.

Appoints members

Council has concurred with the recommendation from the Powell River Public Library board of trustees that Chloe Smith and Paddy Trevor be reappointed to the library board of trustees for two-year terms, beginning January 1, 2022. Southcott was reappointed as the council representative for a term beginning January 1, 2022 and expiring November 1, 2022.