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City of Powell River councillors approve raise in moorage fees

Rates increase for north boat harbour, and at south and Westview harbours
MOORAGE ADJUSTED: Rates in the north harbour, as well as south and Westview harbours, will increase for 2022.

Two bylaws have been passed by City of Powell River councillors to raise rates in the north boat harbour, and in the south and Westview harbours.

At the December 16 council meeting, councillors first considered a bylaw for the north harbour rates and regulations.

Councillor George Doubt said the bylaw provides a small rate increase for 2022 to the north harbour to keep it in a position where it is bringing in more money than it costs to operate. A two per cent increase in rates had been proposed by staff.

Councillors then considered a bylaw to establish the rates and regulations for operation of the city’s south and Westview harbours.

Doubt said the bylaw is an increase of about five per cent to the south and Westview harbour rates.

“The south and Westview harbours operate at a slight deficit over the year,” said Doubt. “They attract transient vessels, as well as commercial vessels and local pleasure boat operators. This will bring it closer to a break-even point.”

Councillor Rob Southcott said he is happy to note that staff members are still working on the matter and will be bringing back more improvements specifically pertinent to the summer season to help with the revenue stream.