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Controlled crosswalk improves safety

City to remove Massett crossing

A controlled crosswalk across one of Powell River’s busier streets will mean safer walks for students going to school in Westview.

The crosswalk is at the intersection of Joyce Avenue at Nootka Street. Tor Birtig, director of infrastructure for the City of Powell River, said it was designed to improve safety for students walking to the recently completed Westview Elementary School.

The crosswalk was tied to the electrical grid last week and is now in operation. The city will be removing the uncontrolled crosswalk, one block north, at Massett Street to make sure that pedestrians are using the new crossing and Birtig expects this to be done over the next few days.

The new controlled crossing operates similarly to the one installed in 2008 by the ministry of transportation and infrastructure at Marine and Joyce Avenues and is activated by a pedestrian pushing a button to stop traffic.

Birtig said that Westview Elementary students will be given a refresher on how to safely cross the road and to make sure that vehicles are actually stopping before they venture out on the new crosswalk. For the first month the school will continue to have crossing guards there, he added.