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Couple exchanges vows on Tin Hat Mountain in qathet region

Wedding ceremony held in backyard before helicopter ride to the peak

As an experienced photographer, Tara Burnett knew she didn't want to get married on a beach, as so many wedding couples do.

The lighting is often too harsh and difficult to work with, but a cozy, boho, backyard wedding in the long grass with friends and family seemed to she and her future husband, Braedon Behan, picture perfect.

A proposal 

Looking back to October of 2022, at sunrise, on top of Mount Tolmie, in Victoria, Braedon decided to surprise Tara with a wedding proposal, which she happily accepted. After a year of planning and organizing, Braedon and Tara gathered more than 100 guests on June 24, 2023, in Paradise Valley, the agricultural breadbasket of the qathet region, to witness the couple, who have known each other since grade seven, tie the knot in Braedon's family’s backyard.

Both grew up in qathet and have deep ties to the community, so the wedding planning went fairly smoothly, since they were familiar with venues and local businesses.

Backyard wedding

"Our family and friends helped a lot, especially the night before with decorations," said Tara. "The style was a little bit of boho mixed with a bit more modern with a lot of neutral colours."

The wedding ceremony took place in the backyard in the long grass and a reception and celebration was held later at Dwight Hall in Townsite. 

"My golden retriever Finley walked me down the aisle with my dad," said Tara.

However, in order to make the day even extra special and extraordinary, a trip to the peak of Tin Hat Mountain was in order.

Vows up top a mountain

"After [the wedding ceremony], it was time just for us to have some time together up at the top of the mountain," said Tara. "We took a helicopter to Tin Hat with a photographer and videographer."

Tara and Braedon exchanged their vows privately while surrounded by a 360 panorama of lakes and mountains. 

"When we came down our wedding party was waiting for us on a bus at the airport and we drove to Dwight Hall for the reception," said Tara. "We went up to our family cabin on Powell Lake [after the wedding and celebration] for almost a week; it was just the two of us up there, and our dog."

Tara and Braedon Behan are expecting their first child in July.

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