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Election 2022: Rebecca Hathaway wants to represent Texada Island

"I want to fight for those things that are most important to Texadans. To do this – I will listen." ~ Rebecca Hathaway, qathet Regional District Electoral Area D candidate
Rebecca Hathaway is one of three candidates pursuing the position of director for qathet Regional District Electoral Area D (Texada Island).

A trio of candidates are seeking to represent qathet Regional District Area D (Texada Island): Rebecca Hathaway, Sandy McCormick and Tom Read. General election day is October 15.

The Peak asked each candidate the following question:

Why should voters choose you to serve as director for Area D?

Here is the response from Rebecca Hathaway:

Texada Rocks! We moved here from the city because we wanted small town living.

We wanted community, local governance, neighbours helping neighbours, and that’s what we found. I’ve heard from lifelong residents and newcomers that’s what they also love about Texada. I want to help keep it that way.

We’re a unique island with both farmland and big industry, so big city regulations don’t work.

I’m not a politician but I have served the community my whole life. Community engagement is what I do best and I believe this will allow me to best represent those who live here.

I want each voter to know that “their voice matters.” I’m open to discuss any topic. You’ll never hear me say (except in this context): “You’ll never change my mind on that.”

Debate is healthy; opposing views give us insight and educate us. I want to fight for those things that are most important to Texadans. To do this – I will listen.

I want to hear the concerns of the residents; what is it they want? I promise to advocate for local governance, seniors and co-op housing, medical facilities, food security, support for local businesses, job creation, youth services and good water.

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