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Fire restrictions rescinded in qathet region and throughout coastal fire centre jurisdiction

Open fires will again be permitted
RESTRICTIONS LIFTED: Open burning is permissible in the qathet region, according to the coastal fire centre, but those planning to burn are requested to contact their local government to see if any local restrictions are in place.

Effective at noon September 16, all open fires will again be permitted throughout the coastal fire centre’s jurisdiction. 

According to a media release from the coastal fire centre, this rescinding is the result of recent rainfall that has reduced the wildfire risk in the region, along with the return of seasonal temperatures. 

The release stated that the public is asked to undertake open burning responsibly and to follow guidance to ensure their burning is conducted in a safe manner.

This rescinding means campfires, category two and three open fires, and resource management burning will be permitted everywhere in the coastal fire centre’s jurisdictional area, which includes the qathet region.

The release stated that local governments may still have their own burning restrictions in place and people intending to light a fire should always check with local authorities before lighting any fire of any size.

The release stated that the following activities are no longer restricted: use of burning barrels and burning cages; use of air curtain burners; use of binary exploding targets; use of sky lanterns; use of fireworks, including firecrackers, which, in City of Powell River, is governed by a bylaw restricting the setting of fireworks to October 31.

Anyone lighting a category three open fire must first obtain a burn registration number by calling 1.888.797.1717. A category three open fire is a fire that burns material more than two metres high or three metres wide, stubble or grass of more than 2,000 square metres, or more than two piles of any size. A poster explaining the different categories of open burning is available online at

Anyone who lights a fire must comply with BC’s air quality control legislation, according to the release. The BC wildfire service urges people to take the following precautions with any permitted outdoor burning. Those burning need to ensure enough people, water and tools are on hand to control the fire and stop it from escaping.

The fire centre advises not burning in windy conditions. The weather can change quickly, and the wind may carry embers to other combustible material and start new fires.

Those burning are requested to create a fireguard around the planned fire site by clearing away twigs, grass, leaves and other combustible material.

Never leave a fire unattended, the release stated, and make sure the fire is fully extinguished and ashes are cold to the touch before leaving the area for any length of time.

For more information on what to expect heading into the fall season, go to

To report a wildfire, unattended campfire, or open burning violation, call 1.800.663.5555 toll free, or *5555 on a cellphone.