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Let’s Talk Trash: Puddle jumping into fall

This time of year there is a wide range of ways to stay in touch with Mother Nature...

As the light begins to wane and cool evenings arrive, we can keep our connection to the earth thriving. Evenings curling up into books by the fire are still on the menu, to be sure, but it’s also a wonderful habit to keep our finger on the pulse of the seasons by getting outside into them.

This time of year there is a wide range of ways to stay in touch with Mother Nature, who offers us, well, everything our bodies need, and many would say so much more.

The outdoors also doesn’t charge admission or require that you hide your beautiful smile, so its calling to us is all the greater these days. Wondering how to get motivated to get out on a blustery day? Thinking like a toddler can help. All they need are some rubber boots and a puddle and they are good to go.

Fall is often the most appealing time to wander local trails. The colours are beginning to change, and the quiet of the non-tourist season has descended amidst the bending light and fog. Even a stroll around the block in the falling leaves with your camera could be a great excuse to get out in the fresh air. Hardy souls might even enjoy a dip in the ocean or a local lake to get their blood pumping and immune system kick-started into a higher gear. Some of you might even giggle as you allow yourself to get right soaked in a downpour, knowing that a hot shower isn’t that far from reach.

When the weather finally sends you back indoors, this is the time we can prolong the bounty of summer by drying local herbs and mushrooms, making tinctures, infusing flowers in oil, canning pickles from the farmers’ market, making sauerkraut, and starting a batch of wine from summer fruit you’ve frozen. If these activities feel intimidating, you might have a granny or hipster in your surroundings who can lead you through your first attempts. There is also your trusty library or search engine that holds a treasure trove of knowledge.

Outdoor patio sets may already be moved inside or under cover to keep them in great condition for next year. As you bring your summer outdoor world inside, you may be finding yourself noticing you have less space than you’d like. You might finally be accessing the motivation to clear and organize your basement or garage if they have cluttered. You can set aside items you no longer have a use for to share with friends, donate to thrift stores, or sell on community forums.

Staying connected to the great outdoors keeps our relationship to it alive. Much like calling a friend you haven’t spoken to in awhile, hiking up a mountain, or making a squash soup can reinvigorate our ties to the earth and all of its bounty.

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