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Politics a good environment for candidate

Aspirant to federal seat finds diversity in Powell River
Paul Galinski

Big on business and exacting on the environment, federal Liberal Party candidate Peter Schwarzhoff has been surprised by Powell River.

“I actually had this illusion before the first time I came here that this was a mill town,” Schwarzhoff said. “It turns out that while you have a mill, it’s hardly a mill town. It’s much more diverse than that.”

Seeking to become a member of parliament in the new North Island – Powell River riding, Schwarzhoff said there’s a dynamic range of items that people want to talk to him about.

The environment was an issue that led him to seek office. Schwarzhoff said the tipping point was when the current government decided it needed a smaller role in environmental assessment, plus making changes to the Fisheries Act that removed many of the fresh water safeguards.

The Liberal party is the right fit for Schwarzhoff. “Although I’m somewhat conservative financially, I’m very left when it comes to the environment and socially. The best balance for me seems to be in the middle.”

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