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Powell River Sports Hall of Fame sponsorship motion fails at regional district meeting

qRD directors vote not to reconsider request for financial contribution
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TURNED DOWN: qathet Regional District’s board of directors, which had passed a motion to deny a monetary contribution to the Powell River Sports Hall of Fame, narrowly voted down a motion to reconsider a sponsorship for the event, which recognized nine athletes, builders and pioneers and one team – the 1997 Powell River Regals, shown above at the 2022 induction ceremony last month.

A motion to reconsider a resolution to deny a qathet Regional District (qRD) financial contribution to the Powell River Sports Hall of Fame has failed.

At the June 30 regional board meeting, a motion to reconsider was brought before the board. The sports hall of fame had been seeking a $500 sponsorship.

Electoral Area B director Mark Gisborne said the initial recommendation was that staff perceived the board was supportive of the sports hall of fame and its initiative, but the form letter sponsorship request did not align with the financial assistance policy. He said staff’s recommendation based on policy compliance is to postpone a contribution until a completed financial assistance application is received.

“The motion that was passed in May was to deny the request,” said Gisborne. “I think what we should do is go with the original staff recommendation and postpone the contribution until the second intake and if they are then able to submit a properly filled-out form, then we can review that decision at that date.”

City director George Doubt said the application was to support the sports hall of fame event, which is over.

“There will be another one and there is plenty of time between now and then for that to happen,” said Doubt.

Gisborne said if the motion passed, it would not be to give money to the sports hall of fame, it is simply to reconsider the decision to deny them for the 2022 sports hall of fame induction.

Four directors voted for reconsideration and three voted against, but the motion required a two-thirds majority to pass, so it failed.

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