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qathet Regional District briefs

Responds to letter from Tla'amin Nation; Approves Laron Road property transfer; promotes waste disposal day
Tla'amin Nation hegus John Hackett.

Willing to meet

qathet Regional District is responding to a letter from Tla’amin Nation regarding the selection of an organics processing service provider.

At the July 29 regional board meeting, directors voted to reply to hegus John Hackett’s letter, dated June 28, and include information provided by the regional district’s chief administrative officer, and also advise Tla’amin that the regional district board is willing to meet with the nation to discuss the request for proposal process.

At the July 15 committee of the whole meeting, regional directors received a letter from Hackett, who requested a copy of the scoring and technical report on the organics processing prepared by the evaluation team. He also requested a meeting with the regional board at the earliest opportunity. The organics contract was awarded to Powell River Green Waste Company.

Transferring property

The regional board has approved transfer of the Northside Volunteer Fire Department protection service property at 9642 Larson Road in Lund to the Northside Recreation Service for the independently appraised value of $165,000, funded from the Northside Recreation Service reserve.

The board also approved an amendment to the Northside Recreation Service 2021 budget to allocate $165,000 from the non-statutory reserve to fund the purchase and account for the associated transfer of land and improvements from the Northside Volunteer Fire Department.

Finally, the board approved an amendment to the Northside fire protection service 2021 budget to recognize the $165,000 of proceeds and the associated transfer of land and improvements to the Northside Recreation Service.

Waste pickup

Staff will be directed to promote, organize and facilitate a one-day free disposal event for illegally dumped waste. According to a staff report, the recommendation was to provide community support for illegal dumping cleanup events by waiving tipping fees at Augusta Recyclers for one day on August 21 between 8 am and 5 pm.

The regional district has facilitated a trash bash for more than a decade to collect illegally dumped waste in the region, but the 2020 and 2021 trash bash events were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Regional district staff have received phone calls from residents committed to cleaning up illegally dumped garbage and have asked for free disposal of the materials they have collected.