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qathet Regional District board briefs

Adopts cemetery bylaw; Submits accessibility application; Approves studio build; Approves community hall expense

Bylaw amended
qathet Regional District directors gave first three readings and adoption to a cemetery regulation amendment bylaw.

At the May 1 regional board meeting, directors unanimously carried the amendment bylaw, which now includes pricing for urn vaults for cremated remains, and also notes the duration of quotes provided to clients for cemetery services. The cost for an urn vault is $150, and with taxes, this amounts to $168. As for quotes for services, they will expire after 90 days.

Grant application
Regional district staff will submit an application to the local accessibility grant program administered through the Social Planning and Research Council (SPARC) BC to construct a larger bathroom, wider hallways and a more accessible board table to better support participation in the regional district’s new boardroom for all accessibility levels.

The regional district acquired more space at 201-4675 Marine Avenue, adding 3,728 square feet of space to the existing 2,924 square foot office. It will include several staff offices, and a meeting room and a larger boardroom. The regional district is applying for a one-time grant of up to $25,000.

Building approved
The regional board has approved the Lasqueti Island Community Arts Council’s request to build a community ceramic studio on qathet Regional District property on the island. The building must be constructed to BC Building Code standards to ensure structural integrity, safety and accessibility, which are all provincial requisites of local government. Finally, a safety assessment needs to be completed before the public is granted access to any new improvements.

Tables purchased
The board has directed staff to purchase eight plastic tables for the Texada Island Community Hall. Funding for the tables will come from the Texada Recreation Commission 2024 budget for the Gillies Bay Community Hall facility/grounds/repairs/maintenance.

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