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qathet Regional District chair touches on Lund cell service, resource-recovery centre during report

Patrick Brabazon also comments on the old Lund fire hall and RCMP presence on Savary Island
PROVIDES OVERVIEW: qathet Regional District board chair Patrick Brabazon highlighted activities at a recent board meeting.

Lund’s Telus cell phone tower is up and running.

At the June 24 qathet Regional District (qRD) regional board meeting, chair Patrick Brabazon, whose electoral area includes Lund, said he was receiving some favourable reports from Savary Island and the hinterland beyond Lund about the strength of the signal. Brabazon said he had been at a meeting at the Lund fire hall that’s under construction and he looked at his cell phone. 

“I had three bars from what was a dead zone,” said Brabazon. “I think that’s just great.”

Brabazon said he also attended a tour of the resource-recovery centre being developed at the old incinerator site above Willingdon Beach in Powell River.

“It’s an impressive show and I think we need to get more public coverage of what is going on up there,” said Brabazon.

He recognized qRD manager of asset management and strategic initiatives Mike Wall and the Let’s Talk Trash team.

“The work that is going on up there is just superb,” added Brabazon.

He then touched on the Lund fire hall. He said he is getting lots of comments from people in Lund regarding disposal of the old Lund fire hall.

“It’s a decrepit building, the property is desired by another organization up in Lund; it’s desired by those who want to sell it and put the proceeds into the fire service, which is the only place the proceeds can go,” said Brabazon. “However the property is disposed of, the northside volunteer fire service has to be compensated and that cannot be said strongly enough.”

Brabazon said he attended a meeting of the Savary Island marine advisory committee and there was a big discussion regarding RCMP.

“There was great concern about the lack of RCMP enforcement on the [July 1] long weekend, which was looking like it might be a dicey situation for rowdiness, et cetera,” said Brabazon. “I now understand there is a very good chance we’ll have an RCMP presence on the island.”