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qathet Regional District reviews request for tree planting on Texada Island

Regional district directors to consider request to apply for BC Hydro grant
WANTS FOLIAGE: Texada Island Recreation Commission has asked qathet Regional District to apply for a grant to plant trees at two ball fields on the island.

qathet Regional District (qRD) directors will consider endorsing a request to apply for a $5,000 grant from BC Hydro to plant trees on Texada Island.

At the October 20 finance committee meeting, directors endorsed the motion to send the application to the regional board, and that the committee recommend the board endorse an application to the provincial ministry of transportation and infrastructure for required permits, and that any costs not covered by the grant be funded through the Texada Island recreation service.

According to a staff report, BC Hydro has partnered with Tree Canada to help fund trees and planting projects across the province. Texada Island Recreation Commission had passed a motion in September asking that the regional board be approached for an application to the BC Hydro regreening grant to plant trees on the perimeters of the Van Anda and Gillies Bay ball fields.

At the finance meeting, Electoral Area D director Sandy McCormick said she wanted to say on behalf of the Texada Island community that the trees are appreciated, and they have been enjoyed when they are in bloom in the spring at the cemetery.

“We look forward to the continued support of the BC Hydro regreening grant and thank you to the regional district,” added McCormick. “I have a quick question, and that is with regard to deer-proofing the trees. My question to staff is whether deer proofing is included in the plan for these trees.”

Manager of operational services Patrick Devereaux said one of the regional district’s recent employees in the labour pool is a certified arborist and has recommended types of trees to plant that are deer-resistant.

“There are no deer-proof trees but there are kinds of trees that deer don’t like,” said Devereaux. “We would get those kinds of trees that are low maintenance, and we will install some deer proofing as well.”