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Trans qathet offers training on transgender health care

Organization hired to provide province-wide teaching sessions
CREATING VISIBLITY: Trans qathet has been busy providing training related to transgender issues, and here [from left], Laurance Playford-Beaudet, Trans qathet’s relational coordinator, Zeke Chambers, Trans qathet peer support and graphic designer, Rebecca Burbank, Powell River Public Library chief librarian and Natalie Porter, assistant chief librarian, participate in a session at the library.

Trans qathet, a local alliance for gender diversity and support, has been hired to provide province-wide training on transgender health care services and access.

According to a media release from Lift Community Services, the community group, which receives funding from TransCareBC, and is organizationally supported by Lift, recently facilitated a two-hour staff training for Options for Sexual Health, a provincial nonprofit organization that works alongside health authorities to coordinate and deliver sexual health services throughout BC.

“We were approached by Options for Sexual Health to deliver a workshop locally, and the idea expanded into a province-wide customized webinar,” stated Laurance Playford-Beaudet, Trans qathet’s relational coordinator. “The training was offered to Options' 200 staff across the province and covered key terms related to transgender people, tips for gender-affirming communication and medical care, and scenarios that gave Options staff an opportunity to practice gender-affirming interactions. We don't claim to speak on behalf of all trans people, but we can give some insight into what it’s like accessing health care as a trans person.”

Held over Zoom, the workshop was recorded and will be available to Options staff for the next six months, the release stated. Playford-Beaudet stated that the limited timeframe is part of Trans qathet’s mandate to provide current information and best practices.

“We have never delivered the same workshop twice – every time we present, we are updating with emerging research, statistics, terminology, and best practices in the field,” stated Playford-Beaudet.

Trans qathet, which was founded in 2021, currently receives organizational sponsorship from Lift, a nonprofit society that offers employment, housing and a range of other community services in the qathet region, the release stated. While primarily focused on supports and resources for its home community, Trans qathet recognizes the need for trans awareness and training at a broader level, and is available for gender-diverse sensitivity training across the province.

Playford-Beaudet encourages interested groups and organizations to get in touch with Trans qathet to learn more about the workshop and training offerings.

“Trans people living rurally definitely experience a unique form of isolation and stigma; any understanding we can help bring to more remote communities could make a big difference in someone’s life,” stated Playford-Beaudet.

The release stated that Trans qathet works to create visibility and safety for trans and gender diverse individuals in qathet Regional District. For more information, connect with Laurance Playford-Beaudet at [email protected].