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Results: Where is the safest place in B.C. to avoid Mother Nature?

When trying to avoid earthquakes, floods, landslides, tsunamis and wildfires where should you go?

Disasters have wreaked havoc on people’s lives and Mother Nature has had detrimental impacts in British Columbia. 

From the worst wildfire season on record this year to catastrophic flooding from an atmospheric river in November 2021, people in B.C. are surrounded by hazards. Most people have been impacted by one of these disasters in the last decade —  earthquakes, floods, landslides, tsunamis and wildfires. 

When looking at all the risks in the province, is there one place that stands out with the least detrimental impacts from hazards? 

Glacier Media spoke to more than 12 industry experts who study these hazards for a living and asked them where they thought the safest place in B.C. is. 

The geologist, hydrologists, seismologists, meteorologists and other specialists had lots to say on the subject.

Everywhere in the province has risks, according to the group, but what part of B.C. has the least amount of risk?

The answer: Burnaby.

Earlier this week, we asked readers to vote in our poll. We gave readers seven options based on the top choices from the experts. 

Prince George came out on top (25%) as safest choice, followed by Burnaby (20%), Hornby Island (17%), Kamloops (13%), Coquitlam (12%), Vancouver (9%) and Abbotsford (4%).

Poll results.