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Weather forecast for week of June 10 to June 16 in qathet region

An app can come in handy when trying to identify local species
WEATHER WEEK: Many people may be able to identify this billowy pink flower as a common peony (photo above) without a guidebook. However, if one isn't up on their flower types there is a helpful digital app called Seek, by iNaturalist, which is an online community for naturalists. Seek is an identification app that helps anyone learn about the species around them.

The weather forecast predicted by the Weatherhood station above the Peak office is indicating that temperatures in the qathet region will stay in the mid-teens and a little above on Monday and Tuesday, with a chance of showers throughout the day.

Wednesday, June 12, and Thursday, June 13, the sun will shine for most of the day with zero chance of rain, with a high temperature of 17 degrees Celsius on Wednesday, and rising to 21 degrees on Thursday, during the daytime, but dropping to eight degrees at night.

Weatherhood predicts an 80 per cent chance of rain on Friday, June 14, and Saturday, June 15, but Sunday, June 17, the sun is expected to be back, with a temperature high of 17 degrees in the daytime.

Quite a few digital apps for plant, flower and animal species identification have been created over the past few years, but many are either not accurate or don't provide enough information.

iNatrualist is an online community that helps identify and confirm the name of species in a particular location. 

According to the iNaturalist website, every observation can contribute to biodiversity science, from a rare butterfly to a common backyard weed.

Seek is an identification (ID) app that is used alongside iNaturalist to help folks learn about a species they may come across. For example, when using Seek, a person can set a location, such as the qathet region, then choose which species to identify, take a photo and upload it to the online naturalist community.

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