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Weather review

2010 has share of highs and lows

Neither the overall coldest nor the hottest weather in history hit Powell River in 2010 but enough sun, rain, snow and wind still came to keep things interesting.

Noticeably chilly and snowy, November was the coldest month of the year with an average mean daily temperature of 3.95°Celsius, according to Environment Canada data. November also saw by far the coldest day of the year, November 23, when the temperature dropped to a frigid minus 11.5°C at 7 am. December was the second coldest month, with an average mean of 3.9°C and the extreme low of minus 6.2°C on New Year’s Eve.

The Farmer’s Almanac and Environment Canada meteorologists predicted below average temperatures this winter and a particularly cold end of December and February, thanks to La Niña.

Sun and warmth defined August, which had a mean average temperature of 17.2°C and an extreme high temperature of 31.7°C on August 14. July 8, however, took the prize for hottest day of the year, reaching 32°C. As the Peak reported at the time this, along with the 30.3°C high from the day before, broke records for the day dating back to 1924.

January saw the most precipitation for the year, reaching a total of 246.5 millimetres. The extreme high for precipitation came on January 11 with 55.9 millimetres. Incomplete Environment Canada records prevent determining whether the precipitation was snow or rain. There was a tie for maximum wind speed this year with both January 18 and April 2 clocking winds of 91 kilometres per hour.