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Swimmers from qathet region post personal bests

West Coast Wind competitors show well at meets in Comox and Nanaimo
CONTINUED GROWTH: Members of West Coast Wind Swim Club competed in two swim meets in October, posting some excellent times during competition.

West Coast Wind is back and ready for another successful swim season after club members competed in a couple of meets. In September, the qathet-based club began a new season, with nearly double the number of participants from the previous year, after adding a new, younger age group to the mix.

Coach Marissa Schweitzer expressed how happy she is to see the club experience such growth, going from eight athletes in the first season to 16 in the second, and now 30 in the third. West Coast Wind is now training three separate groups of swimmers ranging in age from seven to 19 years old.

Schweitzer stated in a written account that the club’s continual growth portrays a bright future for the community’s year-long competitive program and development of the local swim community.

“After taking September to get acquainted and back into the weekly training routine, the Wind competed in its first meet on October 21 in Comox,” stated Schweitzer. “There were 18 of the 30 members attending the day-meet, which is a new record for representation at competition for the team. The swimmers completely blew away any and all expectations, finishing the meet with an accumulation of 65 personal best times, 18 top-three finishes, 21 club records and 36 qualifying time standards. 

“Not even eight days later, 11 of the same swimmers travelled to Nanaimo for a two-day meet, and once again completely crushed their goals. The team walked away with an accumulation of 40 personal best times, five top-three finishes, 15 club records and 35 qualifying time standards.”

Schweitzer stated that having these two very successful weekends in a row on Vancouver Island has shown her that members of this team can and will reach any goal they set for themselves. 

“It has been a fantastic start to the season,” stated Schweitzer. “The team is looking forward to the months and competitions yet to come.”

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