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Editorial: Paving plan for Powell River

Enough with the jolts to the insides of drivers and passengers, and damage to vehicles

Without a doubt, it’s biking season. Cycling lanes or not, more people are utilizing their two-wheel transport system now than at any other time of year.

Diehards will cycle all year, bundling up when necessary to stay dry and safe. But the reality is, people like to drive, whether it’s to work, to do errands or shop, or en route to events or activities.

Getting more people out of vehicles and onto bikes is ambitious, and a righteous initiative, but the hilly nature of the qathet region scares off many would-be two-wheel commuters, as does the weather, eventually. Convenience wins out for the majority, who want to arrive at their destination clean, dry and usually with means to transport items back that take up more space than a bike’s pannier. It’s an unfortunate reality.

People like to drive. And people who like to drive, other than the odd hardcore 4x4ing enthusiast, are not fans of driving through potholes, which are in abundance throughout city streets.

Criticism will arise in one form or another with any financial decision City of Powell River mayor and councillors make; it’s the nature of the position(s). Right or wrong is all about the view of the individual. A certain percentage of residents will always say there is something better to spend money on, which usually means what is important to them, rather than the collective community.

Council is looking into using 2021 and 2022 paving budgets, and COVID-19 restart funds, in order to get to work on upgrading some roads now.

Who can argue with that? Enough with the jolts to the insides of drivers and passengers, and damage to vehicles. Let’s do some paving.