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Editorial: Random acts of kindness

If an idea to show kindness to someone doesn’t materialize, wearing a mask in their presence will suffice
Random Acts of Kindness Week ends on February 20.

Anyone who missed Random Acts of Kindness Day, which took place on February 17, still has time to show kindness to a friend, family member or stranger. Random Acts of Kindness Week, which started on Valentine’s Day, ends on February 20.

A grand gesture is not necessary; a kind word or simple action takes little effort and can make someone’s day, especially during a pandemic. Isolation can take a toll on individuals, and the economic downturn has hit some families hard.

Donations are one way to help, for those who can afford it, but a visit, help with a chore, or a pep talk might be appreciated just as much.

COVID-19 has hampered the ability of individuals and organizations to help people in need somewhat, but efforts continue and methods have been adapted in order to provide needed products and services, such as the current distribution of masks via the United Way, and continued efforts of Powell River’s community action team in addressing the ongoing opioid crisis, which is approaching a fifth anniversary since being declared a public health emergency.

Acts of kindness are not limited to one day, or week, for the people involved in these endeavours; their efforts reflect continued pursuits of helping as long as it takes.

But kindness can start with one act on one day and snowball from there, continuing through an entire week, month and year.

Many Wildwood residents were recently treated to an act of kindness by a man on an ATV who cleared sidewalks of snow, which was greatly appreciated by neighbourhood walkers with two and four legs. He may have been treating himself, too; it looked like fun.

If an idea to show kindness to someone doesn’t materialize, wearing a mask in their presence will suffice. Try that to start your snowball.