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Kicking the Clutter: Disorganized versus organized

Scheduling the time for a specific task is the key to being organized

Organizing is a journey, not a destination. Organizing is self-care and should be included in your daily routine. Scheduling the time for a specific task is the key to being organized.

There are always going to be situations where you have to make either a disorganized or organized decision. Here are some examples of Mr. or Mrs. Disorganized versus Mr. or Mrs. Organized:

Situation one

It’s Friday and the mail carrier drops off a big pile of mail. Mrs. Disorganized adds it to the pile of mail that has been building up. It’s currently about two feet high, covering every horizontal space. She looks at it and walks away, feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, and announces: “I will do it later.”

Mrs. Organized briefly looks through her mail, tossing definite junk mail in the recycle bin. She then sorts the mail into two piles: to-do and to file. She opens every envelope, making a final decision on what to do with each piece of paper.

Situation two

It’s Monday and the children are waking up to get ready for school. 

Mr. Disorganized is behind on household chores. The dirty clothes are piled up and the sink is full of crusty dishes from the last two suppers. When he didn’t wake up on time, the children became frustrated, making everybody’s day hectic and unpleasant.

Mr. Organized knows the morning is not his best time of the day. So, he does a little bit of preparation the night before, making sure his family has clean clothes, a good breakfast and a smooth, pleasant morning.

Situation three

It’s Friday and you have to run to the grocery store to pick up a few groceries for a Saturday luncheon date with a few friends.

Mrs. Disorganized decides to rely on her memory and not make a list. When she arrives back home, she realizes she forgot to buy cheese for the lasagna she is planning to make. Now she has to make a second trip to the store, wasting her time and energy.

Mrs. Organized takes the time to think and plan the menu. She looks through her cupboards and fridge to make sure she has all the ingredients for her delicious lasagna. She then makes one successful trip to the store. A little planning ahead ensures an enjoyable lunch with her friends.

Situation four

You’re waiting for an important call from your doctor. He finally calls with the information you need.

Mr. Disorganized jots the information on a sticky note and leaves it on the kitchen table. His three children come home from school and toss their books on top of the note. The important information is lost. He ends up having to call the doctor again, feeling embarrassed for wasting his time.

Mr. Organized enters the information into a three-ring binder where he stores all of his family’s medical information. Later, when he needs the information, he retrieves the binder and follows the doctor’s instructions.

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